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- Electronics manufacturing, processing, and circuitry including consumer electronics, Internet-related search engines and communications information technology systems, database systems
- Semiconductor devices, manufacturing, and technology
- Communications, imaging, and display systems
- Computers including logic, system and application software, and hardware as well as peripherals
- Computer modeling systems
- Satellite systems
- Wireless technologies, antenna, signal processing
- Optical systems including lasers, fiber optics and cabling, and lens systems
- Electro-optical systems including CCD arrays, copiers, scanners, cameras, facsimilie/modems and other peripherals
- Electromagnetic devices
- Microelectromechanical (MEMS) sensors and other sensor technologies
- Computer simulation systems
- Process controls including semiconductor manufacture, film processing, and ergonomic systems
- Measurement and analysis systems
- Nanotechnology
- Artificial Intelligence systems, Natural Language processing
- Web crawlers and search engines
- Voice recognition systems
- Avatars and intuitive user interface systems and devices