Gibb & Riley, LLC

Patents, Trademarks and Copyrights

Gibb & Riley continuously strives to foster and promote the delivery of high quality services to its clients.

The firm acts as patent counsel for a number of Fortune 500 companies, as well as midsize companies and universities, including semiconductor manufacturers, computer hardware and software designers, biotechnology companies, government research and development organizations, and optical companies. The firm provides services related to a broad range of technical areas including electrical, mechanical, electro-mechanical, telecommunications, semiconductor, materials engineering, chemical, biotechnology, and computer-related arts, including e-commerce, computer hardware and software (including Internet, World Wide Web, and networking technologies).

Particular emphasis by the firm’s members is placed on original domestic and foreign patent preparation and prosecution, as well as representing the firm’s clients in appeals, oral hearings, and related matters in front of the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), the USPTO Board of Patent Appeals and Interferences, and related appeals to the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit.

The firm also places emphasis on licensing, client counseling, and other matters outside of patent procurement. For instance, the firm routinely performs numerous prior art searches and patentability, non-infringement, invalidity, and due diligence analyses and investigations across a wide spectrum of technology areas.

The firm recognizes the value of commercial profitability inherent in intellectual property assets, and as such, aims to assist its clients in maximizing the potential return on the client’s intellectual property portfolios. Accordingly, the firm strives to assist their clients in creating more value out of their proprietary technology. The firm is in the unique position of accomplishing this because some of its members, in addition to having the requisite technical backgrounds necessary to understand diverse technological areas, also possess advanced business degrees and/or certifications necessary to fully appreciate the commercial viability of patentable technology.

Due to the firm’s strategic location (i.e., about forty-five minutes by car or Metro/subway) to the USPTO, the firm is extremely well-positioned to conduct personal interviews with Patent Examiners and Trademark Examining Attorneys very economically for its clients. The firm’s location and experience make such interviews extremely economical, and serve to speed prosecution and narrow issues quickly, thereby saving the client prosecution costs over the long run.


The members of Gibb & Riley take pride in providing professional service for their clients, with an emphasis on personal attention to every case, responsiveness, and high value.


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